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Online Marketing

In the contemporary online environment, it's not enough to build a web site and expect people to use it. There's a sea of undifferentiated information out there and it takes a pro-active approach to keep your site high in the top rankings where it will be seen.

Writing and Optimising for Search Engines

A good site is compelling and easy to read. Search engines check for the relevancy of your content and how well it corresponds with the keywords you've used to attract traffic to your site. Our copy writers will make sure that your content and keywords reinforce each other and then use our expertise to make sure that your site has a good chance of making it to the top of the list.

Before we begin, the Web Workshop offers a FREE basic evaluation of your site's search rankings in comparison to your competitors. Read more about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and how we can help you improve your ranking or request a Free Search Engine Evaluation.

Google Marketing

Most businesses these days realise that in order to be seen at the top of Google's search lists, they need to be prepared to pay for advertising. Google's AdWords software is a highly sophisticated platform for providing demographically and geographically targeted advertising to Google users. We'll help you determine how wide ranging your campaign should be and how much you should be prepared to pay. We'll provide you with extensive reports and expert advice to refine your criteria and make your strategy more effective.

At the Web Workshop, we have the expertise to manage these campaigns for you, or support you in managing these campaigns yourself. Read more about using Google AdWords to promote your business.

Make sure that potential customers know where to find you, using our expertise in Google Marketing services.

Email Campaigns

We can also help you fulfil your immediate, medium and long-term sales and marketing goals through strategic use of mailing lists and targeted advertising. Your customers can sign up on your site to a database of contacts and any time you want to contact them, just use the web site to send an email out to all your customers at the same time.

Read more about our online tools for developing your Email Marketing Campaigns.

About Us

At the Web Workshop, we have over 10 years of experience developing powerful and effective websites that lead to increased revenue and market share for your business. We can offer custom built sites to your specification or cost-effective template-driven sites that are modified to match your branding and imagery.

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