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In 2009 Australians spent more than $100 Billion Dollars online!

We can design and implement your online presence, and work with you to maximise your online sales revenue. Additionally by utilising our expertise in online marketing campaigns, we can ensure that maximise your return on your website investment.

e-commerce is the process on selling goods or services directly form your web site. This can involve selling one or more products/services, collecting payment through a secure payment gateway then processing and delivering the order.

The main requirement for setting up your online store is an e-commerce engine (internet application) that allows customers to search your site for what they want, then order and pay for it on the web site.

The web workshop supports many open source code e-commerce products. We recommend the following types of e-commerce based shopping carts. All are open source and free to use. Customisation is simple, inexpensive to setup and you can administer the site yourself.

Your e-commerce Gateway Options

Shopping Carts we Support and Offer

  • OsCommerce Online Merchant v2.2
  • Zen Cart v 1.3.8
  • CubeCart
  • Preloaded - versions available are CE Shopping Cart, Pro Shopping Cart and B2B Shopping Cart


The osCommerce shopping cart is today the world's most popular Open Source E-commerce Shopping Cart used by thousands of stores on the internet.

osCommerce Online Merchant is a complete online store solution that contains both a catalogue front-end and an administration tool back-end which can be easily installed and configured over a web-based installation procedure.


Although osCommerce is continually being developed, the current version has the following features:

  • Supports unlimited products and categories
  • Multilingual & Multi-currency support
  • Products can be shown or hidden
  • Products-to-categories structure
  • Support for physical (shippable) and virtual (downloadable) products
  • Contact customers directly via email or newsletters
  • Statistics for products and customers
  • Automated display of specials
  • Customers can subscribe to products to receive related emails/newsletters
  • Customer / Front-end Functionality
  • All orders stored in the database for fast and efficient retrieval
  • Customers can view order status
  • Customers account login
  • Temporary shopping cart for guests and permanent shopping cart for customers
  • Fast and friendly quick search
  • Advanced search features
  • Product reviews for an interactive shopping experience
  • Secure transactions with SSL
  • Breadcrumb trail for easy site navigation
  • Accept numerous offline payment processing (cheque, money orders, offline credit care processing, ..)
  • Accept numerous online payment processing (PayPal, 2CheckOut,, iPayment, ..)
  • Flexible tax implementation on a state and country basis
  • Set different tax rates for different products
  • Weight, price, and destination based shipping modules
  • Real-time quotes available
  • Free shipping based on amount

Zen Cart

Zen Cart™ is a free, user-friendly, open source shopping cart software. This e-commerce web site design program is being developed by a group of like-minded shop owners, programmers, designers, and consultants that think e-commerce web design could be and should be done differently.

Most other shopping cart software programs require IT expert to install and manage but the Zen Cart™ online shop can be installed and set-up by anyone with the most basic web site building and computer skills.

Here are a few of Zen Cart Features...

  • Easy installation
  • Multiple customer modes
  • Unlimited category depth
  • Multiple sales and discounts
  • Multiple display modes
  • XHTML template system
  • Unlimited extra pages
  • Multiple ad banner controller
  • Multiple shipping options
  • Multiple payment options
  • Newsletter manager
  • Discount coupons
  • Gift Certificates
  • Featured products
  • Quantity discounts

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At the Web Workshop, we have over 10 years of experience developing powerful and effective websites that lead to increased revenue and market share for your business. We can offer custom built sites to your specification or cost-effective template-driven sites that are modified to match your branding and imagery.

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